ASP.NET Upload Frequently Asked Questions

Complete FAQ for file uploading with ASP.NET 1.x-3.5

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This package contains source for all samples on the site. They are in .NET 2.0 Web Site format, but the code will work for all versions of ASP.NET. The following samples are included:

» Quickstart

» Upload to the filesystem
» Download from the filesystem
» Upload to a SQL database
» Download from a SQL database

» Advanced

» Upload files using an RFC 1867 POST request with HttpWebRequest/WebClient

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SlickUpload ASP.NET Upload Component


Painless ASP.NET file uploads

  • Handle large files
  • Upload with progress bar
  • Gracefully handle cancellation and errors
  • Stream directly to file or database
  • Drag-drop simple, yet highly customizable
  • Solid, responsive support

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