Remote IT Support In The Modern Day

Telecomm also referred to as telecommunication is the use of electronic communication and IT devices to send audio, video or a combination of audio and video communication across short and long distances. The advent of telecommunication has facilitated remote working since employees can hold virtual meetings with the colleagues as well as clients. However, in order to enhance efficient remote working arrangements, every company must invest in the software, hardware and remote it support services to promote efficient communication. But what are remote work arrangements and how do they benefit the company and its employees?

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Remote work

Remote work is a flexible working arrangement where an employee can work from any location outside the designated offices either on a permanent or temporary basis as well as part time or full time basis. The employer does not dictate where the employee works from but the employee is expected to meet their contractual agreement, targets and deadlines. Therefore, the employee could work from home or any other preferred location.

Benefits of remote working to the company

The company is able to reduce their overhead costs by scaling down on the size of business premises: utilities such as leases amounts or rent, electricity, water bills, office maintenance and cleaning costs can be reduced drastically. This ultimately translates into higher profits. In addition to this, it enhances the personal responsibility and ownership of work among employees which enhances career growth.

Improved talent pool

Remote working capabilities increase the client and employee talent pool exponentially. This is mainly due to the fact that most businesses leverage highly on technology to facilitate team work and collaboration. With respect to the talent pool, the business can hire employees from any location across the globe. This then allows them to access clients from these different locations and therefore expands operations across the globe.

Benefits of remote working to employees


Remote working arrangement eliminate the need to commute to a centralised location every day. This not only saves fuel and transport costs for the employees but it also minimises the stress that emanates with the commute. This way, the employees will have more mental capacity to deal with work. In addition, the time that would have been used for the commute is utilised on other important activities such as spending time with family, relaxing or even finishing work.


Remote working arrangements promote a better work life balance since the employee has discretion on how to spend their time. For example, an employee with a young family may choose to work when the children are away for school or play dates and spend time with them when they return. Better work life balance is important for mental health and social welfare, attributes that ensure holistic living among employees.


By opening up the work day and not limiting it to 9-5, employees can work during the periods when they are most productive or creative. For example, the night owls can finish up most of their tasks during the night while those who prefer day time can also do so comfortably.  This promotes productivity, accuracy and efficiency and therefore profitability.