Hosted Desktop

Are you spending too much money on purchasing or hiring computers for the different branches of your business in the country and in other parts of the world? Apart from this, you are also spending a huge sum to purchase multiple copies of the same software, including the operating system, for the different computers. Would it not be awesome if you could cut down on those expenses drastically without hampering your work? You can easily achieve this goal with the help of virtual hosted desktop.

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What is a hosted desktop?

The hosted desktop in a user interface that connects to data and applications, including operating systems, which are stored on the servers of a cloud service provider rather than on the corporate network or the individual user's computer. The users only need a display unit and a keyboard, connected to the cloud server via the internet to do their routine work and share data with fellow users in the country or abroad.

Who would use a hosted desktop?

Both small, medium, and big business would use this system, as it helps them to cut down on resource costs a lot. The keyboard and the display unit are the cheapest components of the computer. In fact, one can easily purchase five or more such units for the cost involved in purchasing a fully configured computer. Add to this the costs of multiple copies of the operating system and other programs and it becomes easy to understand the advantages of the hosted desktop.

What are the benefits of hosted desktops?

The price factor, as mentioned above, is the primary benefit of the virtual hosted desktop. Apart from that, the speed of the system is lightning fast as the servers of the cloud service provider runs on the best hardware and has huge amounts of RAM. This means that there is no sluggishness in the system, as is the case with standard computers. One also saves time wasted in booting the computer as the cloud server is always on. Simply log on to the server with your assigned username and password and start working.

What are the drawbacks of hosted desktops?

You should check the prices of different hosts before settling for one that offers you the best deal. Also check the fine print; else, you might have to pay more than the stated monthly subscription for services like firewall and spam filter. You will face a severe problem in case the server of the cloud service provider crashes, as this will shut down your entire global network that depends on hosted desktops to do business and carry out other tasks such as communicating with other members of your company. This can be dangerous if you are updating a software and the virtual network crashes.

What alternatives are there?

Although there are a couple of alternatives, the DaaS (desktop as a service) is the best option if you do not want to use hosted desktops. Also known as hosted desktop services, this service too is frequently delivered as a cloud service together with the programs required for use on the virtual desktop.